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Entry #1

What's Goooood!

2013-08-24 21:11:19 by Matashi

HEY WHAT'S GOOOOD everybody! Is Christian AKA BMonkey! Doing Playthroughs and other stuff. I upload daily.

Love to have fun and joke around so if you can't take a joke, no reason to watch my videos.

I'm on Highschool and school comes first! Like i said upload daily videos but if i haven't uploaded anything in 1-2 weeks, DON'T FREAK OUT! I can just be busy sometimes.

Latest Scare Montage/Horror Game:

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2013-08-24 21:27:50

U say Shit alot XD

(Updated ) Matashi responds:

Hahaha! Yeah i know that xD One of my Youtube homies also said "The amount of shit´╗┐ and fuck said in this video is OVER 9000!!"

For real. I didn't expect someone to find this video/page update so fast! Thanks for watching no "shit" (There i go again xD) But it means alot to me! If you feel like it go ahead and share my stuff would be awesome! ;)